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Testing design themes: no upper menu

Big Slogan

Personal header without upper menu

This layout fits personal websites without upper menu.

Available design themes

Assign your favorite theme's number to theme variable. For example, if you want to use theme number 1 (dark-green contrast), write theme=1 in wiki.conf file.

Custom (God's) mode

Choosing one of few available themes and headers and footers is always a compromise.

If you are familiar with CSS, you can switch to custom theme by writing theme=custom in wiki.conf file, and edit custom.css file to polish one of freely available design themes or even create your unique design.

Similarly if you know some HTML syntax, set header=custom and/or footer=custom, and edit header.html and/or footer.html

Websites' changing room

Design theme for a website is like a dress for a human.

Using numerical ID for your website, you can quickly see how it looks dressed in different themes. For example, if the ID for a website is 878 (, then

In this way you can switch design for any website powered by the website builder; changing room for your website is available under the "configure this wiki account" link on account control page.

Design elements

Different design themes may affect environments: